Why United Staffing

Why Utilize a Staffing Agency?

Improve productivity of workers by using our employees to handle an extra workload rather than your own employees
Avoid unemployment claims by using our staff
Decrease costs by using our staff who don’t require benefits
Increase flexibility by having our staff on hand who are able to cover your full-time employees’ vacations or maternity leave, or  who are available when there is a heavy workload

Why Choose United Staffing?

We cover a wide range of services to make the hiring process simple for you
We are cost effective and understand that many businesses are on a budget
We are committed to finding credible, qualified individuals
We provide an easy solution for hiring managers
We conduct extensive research on your company to fully understand your needs

Rather than hiring our own in house staff, United Staffing can provide you with quality employees to save you both time and money. We work closely with hiring managers to ensure that the personnel we find possess the necessary skills and experience to suit your company.